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Costley and Company provides property management for houses,townhomes and condominium associations. Our company has managed properties throughout Bloomington and Monroe County, including near Indiana University Campus, College Mall Area, Green Acres, Hillsdale Addition, Fritz Terrace, Sherwood Oaks, Van Buren Park, Bryan Park Area, Stella Ridge, Oaklawn Park, Near Indiana University Stadium, Peppergrass/Meadowridge, Sherbrooke Place, Windermere Woods Village, Sherwood Green, Prospect Hill, Allentown Village, Broadview, Woodgate, Elm Heights and Highland Village

Why are most of the properties available starting in August?

Because the University is such a driving force in our rental market, most homes (including family occupied homes) will still be rented with occupancy from August to August each year. The upside for you is you wil be able to know far in advance availability for August occupancy. For availability at other times, consult our rental search for properties that are available now.