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1. How can I contact any individual in your office?

  1. You are welcome to stop by our offices at any time during our work hours.
  2. Since we compensate the FC Tucker Real Estate office for receptionist services, you can leave rent checks
    or messages for us at their front desk should we be out of the office at any time.

  3. You can email us
  4. You can call directly to our desks at the following numbers:
  5. If we should be away from our desk, you can always leave a voicemail message.

2. How do I make maintenance requests?

You can use our non-emergency request form or you can call our office voicemail system at 812-336-6246.

3. How are EMERGENCIES handled?

If your emergency occurs after hours, you may reach our on call after hours service at 844-804-9648. We consider an “emergency” to be any situation concerning risk to life or property (ie., fire, flood, no heat, broken water lines or after hours lockouts).

4. How do I schedule an appointment to preview any property?

Generally, you should call Cicely Turner’s phone to set up appointments at 812-336-6246.
Just leave a message if we don’t get right to you and we will call you back promptly!

5. How do I apply to rent a property?

Of course, you can always stop by our office to pick up a rental application. You may even sit
down in a conference room to complete it while you are here. You can also do this on line.

If you wish to fax it, you can do that as well. Our fax number is 812-333-7740. Since we do have
an application fee of $35 you’ll want to leave that with your application or mail your check or money
order to us at 487 S. Clarizz Blvd.-Bloomington, IN 47401.

6. How can I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent online, by check, cashiers check or money order. You can mail it to or drop it off at our office at
487 S. Clarizz Blvd.-Bloomington, IN 47401.

If you wish to pay in cash, you may do that, but you must contact someone in our office (see question #2 above for our contact info) before you come in. No one is allowed to accept cash payments for our company except Julie Costley, Emily Cook or Cicely Turner.

7. You are located in the offices of FC Tucker. Why can’t they help me with problems or payments?

The connection between our office and F.C. Tucker Company is through Julie Costley. Julie is a
licensed real estate broker, and as such she also lists and sells real estate through FC Tucker.

We have found it convenient to rent offices from them for our business because of this connection.
We are extremely pleased to be located in the offices of such a highly respected
company and to offer management services to their many clients and customers.
Because there is no other rental connection between Costley & Company and FC Tucker
Realtors, they are unable to help with rental questions or condominium owner questions whatsoever.

8. Who do I contact to make arrangements to pay utilities?

For water and sewer service provided by the City of Bloomington Utilities department,
you may contact them by phone at 812-349-3930.

For Electricity service prvided by Duke Energy, you may contact them at 1-800-521-2232.

For Gas service provided by Vectren, you may contact them at 1-800-777-2060.

9. What is procedure at move out time?

Move-in and move-out turnover times will always be at noon according to the dates on your lease.
Prior to move-out, we will send you a letter advising you of procedure and asking you
to contact us to schedule your move-out appointment time.

10. Does your company have a privacy policy?

Yes, we certainly do. It is our practice to keep all information provided by tenants, lease
guarantors, and condominium owners strictly private and under lock and key. Costley & Company
has respect for your privacy and we use the information you have given us ONLY for the purpose
you intended when you provided it to us.

11. As an owner, how will you market my investment property for me?

We will place your property information on our website free of charge. In addition to this, your property will automatically post to roughly 70 Internet Listing Services.
Because we’ve been in the business of management for so many years, we often have past tenants who come back to rent from us or
frequently give us rental referrals. Because our principal, Julie Costley, is a local Realtor and
member of the Bloomington Board of Realtors, it is quite common for our company
to receive inquiries through other Realtors needing housing for their clients.

If we do newspaper advertising, we attempt to “lump together” owners who have similar
properties (i.e. 3 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, etc.) and thereby reduce your cost for advertising by sharing
with these similar properties. We complete credit checks and background screening on both prospective
tenants and guarantors. We insist on prompt payment of rents and act quickly in the event of non-payment.

All repairs to your property will be completed by independent contractors; therefore, your bill will
be for your and only your property. We provide 24/7 emergency service to your tenants.

Owner funds are normally disbursed by the 15th of the month unless you wish to leave
them on hand until you request these funds. We will provide you with a management statement
at least quarterly; showing all income and expenditures. Our management statement parallels the
category breakdown you need for filing taxes.

12. Can you also provide service to buyers and sellers of real estate?

Yes, as a licensed Indiana Real Estate Broker, Julie Costley can provide these services to you.
She has many years of experience in the sale or purchase of real estate. You may
contact her directly at 812-330-7507 or email.

13. Why are most of the properties available starting in August?

Because the University is such a driving force in our rental market, most homes (including family occupied homes) will still be rented with occupancy from August to August each year. The upside for you is you wil be able to know far in advance availability for August occupancy. For availability at other times, consult our rental search for properties that are available now.